Parking Guidance

Finding available parking spot can not get easier

Our API empowers your app and guidance signals to help drivers finding the closest available parking spot in real time based on the type of their permit. Finding parking will be seamless in your institution and frequent commuters will save a lot of time and frustration.

Occupancy Report

Supervise available parking spot in real time

Our Occupancy report module provides occupancy rate and the number of available spots of different lots in real time. We will build a map of surface lots or multilevel structures, and report spot-level information of available spaces with superhuman accuracy.

Violations Report

Automatically flag the parking violation in all time

Our system can detect violations of parking restrictions, such as having an invalid permit or exceeding time limitations in a loading zone. The dashboard flags cars in violation with spot-level accuracy to help officers check the compliance efficiently.

Officer Assist

Optimize the path for your officers to check all flagged violations

We optimize the path for officers to assist them with routes to parking lots. The goal of our Officers Assist Dashboard is to be efficient and not waste any time when it comes to finding the right path to parking lots where cars are flagged.

Analytic Reports

Understand your parking lot with predictive analytics and past reports

The Visionful analytics dashboard will provide a real-time view into parking lot availability and violations. We will also report data-driven traffic and parking patterns prediction to help with pricing strategies and future decision making.