What Was TheGoal of The Project? 

UCSD is a forward-looking campus with the vision and initiative to use its potential to perform as a smart campus. Our goal with the UC San Diego campus was to bring convenience and efficiency for staff, students, and visitors. Drivers get real-time vacancy information from the UCSD app. Our system also notifies enforcement staff when a vehicles parking permit is not valid or has expired so compliance officers can more efficiently issue citations which result in revenue increase. At last, UCSD was also looking for more data for future parking planning which will be provided by Visionful.



What values we added toThe Smart Campus? 


Visionful being integrated into the UCSD app has had a positive impact on frequent commuters. Drivers have experienced a tremendous time saving by using UCSD app to find available parking in the lots equipped with our system. Our parking guidance solution not only provided drivers with better means of accessing campus parking but also provided analytics which helped campus planners with accurate parking reassignment and transportation analysis. Visionful enforcement solution which flags the violations can help parking enforcement officers.


Lets check out the numbers

The following numbers are averaged for a typical parking lot with 100 spots over one month of operation.


Hours wasted to find parking

Dollars of salary paid to find parking

Times more violations detected

Dollars of citation fine has not collected

Thinking about return of investment (ROI)?
Visionful solution makes your parking office profitable!

In a 100 spot lot, the campus can potentially save more than $3,600/month on wasted salary paid to employees to find vacant parking. Increase of violation can potentially add another $3,000/month to the parking revenue. These numbers mean Visionful solution can bring 5 times ROI for a campus parking office while resolving everyday frustration of frequent commuters.
ROI after three years

We know every parking lot is different!
Would you like to discuss how Visionful can tailor a solution
to your organization and how we can be beneficial?